1. Sabres' big defensemen set to compete for jobs
    BUFFALO -- If there's a position battle to keep an eye on in training camp for the Buffalo Sabres, it's defenseman. Sabres development camp boasted a roster that featured four defensemen who played in the NHL last season, three first-round pick...
  2. Over the Boards: Playoffs taught Avalanche lessons
    Colorado Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov still sighs and struggles to speak about the pain he felt the night of April 30, the agony he and his teammates took into the offseason after their heartbreaking exit from the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. ...
  3. Arizona starting to produce top-end hockey talent
    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- When Sean Burke was traded to the Phoenix Coyotes in 1999, the team had been there for four years and Arizona youth hockey was just learning to crawl. "Back then there was the odd guy coming out of this area to play in coll...
  4. Dubas, 28, took fast track to Maple Leafs front office
    Kyle Dubas combined hard work and innovative ideas to become hockey's youngest agent and the Ontario Hockey League's second-youngest general manager. The Toronto Maple Leafs have reshaped their organization by making him the youngest member of the...
  5. Booth signs one-year contract with Maple Leafs
    Forward David Booth signed a one-year contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team announced Tuesday. Financial terms were not disclosed, but James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail reports Booth will earn $1.1 million. Booth, 29, received a comp...

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