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Prices for 2014 Fall - B and C League


 Early PriceOn-line payment convenience fee
Full-Time (20 games) $330 3%
Part-Time (10 games)* $240 3%
Extra Game $25 3%
Goalie $100 3%
Captains/League Officers  $200 3%
Jersey $45 3%

* This is also the full-time cost for captains and officersImportant Notes

  • All players must be registered as USA Hockey Members. This is a $45 annual fee. Register here USA Hockey.
  • No player may step on the ice without paying in full.
  • There are no refunds, and no partial or prorated payments will be allowed.

Part Time Players Wanting Additional Games: Any registered player, who signed up for part time (10 games), may play extra games at the rate of $25 per game. The money is due to an officer or captain before the start of the game. 
Policy Regarding Minors: No person under 18 can play pickup with LAIHA from the months of September through March. Minors can play pickup in the summer months, if a parent signs a waiver (can't be any adult or coach).



  1. Red Wings counting on 'kids' to maintain playoff run
    The Detroit Red Wings used to rely solely on their veteran stars to guide them into the Stanley Cup Playoffs and to sometimes take them on a deep run. They also used to play in the Western Conference. Those are memories now. Change came to Hock...
  2. Red Wings' Weiss ready to leave last season behind
    Bring up last season during a phone conversation with Detroit Red Wings center Stephen Weiss and as he talks you can picture him squirming on the other end, recalling the pain that used to shoot through his lower body and the multiple surgeries he...
  3. Healthy Zetterberg, Datsyuk keys to Red Wings lineup
    The Detroit Red Wings' move to the Eastern Conference was expected to be met with domination by a franchise that has been a stalwart among the elite in the Western Conference for years. Detroit pushed the eventual champion Chicago Blackhawks to...
  4. Veterans' health tops Red Wings' five questions
    Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock told anyone who would listen last season that even with significant injuries to veteran stars his team was going to reach the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Babcock was right. The Red Wings went to the playoffs for a...
  5. Mantha leads list of Red Wings' top 10 prospects
    To say the Detroit Red Wings struggled with injuries last season is putting the deluge of trips to the trainer's room lightly. However, there was a silver lining to all the ailments. It meant 12 rookies got into the lineup at some point, includ...

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B League Rankings

# Team MP PTS
1 DEVILS 20 29
2 N. STARS 20 26
3 KINGS 20 17
4 BRUINS 20 8

C League Rankings

# Team MP PTS
1 PENGUINS 40 54
2 CAPITALS 40 48
3 RANGERS 40 39
4 STARS 40 36
5 RED WINGS 40 23
6 SHARKS 0 0

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