Now that some of the current restrictions are being lifted and the ice center is opening again , LAIHA will be hosting a 5 team summer session for B and C level players as well as a 10 game session for our D League and over 50 players.

Schedule for the D League can be found here.

Schedule for the Summer session can be found here.

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UPCOMING GAMES:           

Mar  09 / 7:15pm                      VS

Mar  09 / 8:30pm                      VS


Mar  10 / 8:00pm                      VS

Mar  10 / 9:15pm                      VS  


Mar  11 / 7:15pm                      VS

Mar  11 / 8:30pm                      VS              

Mar  12 / 8:30pm                      VS

Mar  15 / 7:15pm                      VS


Mar  15 / 8:30pm                      VS

Mar  16 / 7:15pm                     VS  


Mar  16 / 8:30pm                     VS

Mar  17 / 8:00pm                     VS              


Recent Match Ups :

                                                              WINNER    SCORE


Mar  11                   VS                                         



Mar  11                   VS


Mar  13                   VS


Mar  15                   VS


Mar  15                   VS


Mar  10                   VS


Mar  10                    VS



11 - 3

5 - 2

4 - 1

2 - 1

4 - 4

5 - 3

5 - 2

New Laiha Rules for 2020


New Rules as of the 2016 Winter Session


---All Players MUST wear a  numbered jersey. (Fall and Winter Session  Referees will enforce this rule.

---Players who fail to make payment in full before September 30th for Fall Session & January 31st for Winter Session will pay a late payment fee  of 5.00 for the first month. Players will pay an addidtional 10.00 fee each month after, capped at 50.00

---Players who owe LAIHA fees from previous seasons may not register or play until past fees are paid in full

---Goalies must be current on fees to recieve first priority

---B League Goalie team assignments will be based on skills / ability as rated by team captains and League Officers

---C League Goalies will be drafted each year based on the prior year standings eith the Championship Team recieving last pick regardless of regular season finish.






---House Rule Hybrid icing in effect:

The rule is essentially "delayed offsides" except players may not attack until the opposing team gains control.  Players clear zone same as delayed offsides or referee blowes whistle for icing. Icing waved if a "breakaway" opportunity exists. Players may enter the zone when the opposing team gains control. If the goalie plays the puck, icing is waved ( No Change). It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to explain this rule to his team and it is the responsibility of referees to remind all teams of this rule as needed during play.

---Clock set to run at 22 min first period, then 18 min for 2nd and 3rd

---Last 2 minutes the clock will stop with a goal difference of 1 or a tie

---In the absence of a score keeper, either team may provide a clock operator to stop the clock in the last 2 minutes of a game during a tie or a one goal difference.

---A full time player who recieves 2 or more penalties in a game will be suspended after 5 multi-penality games in a 20 game session. If the Full time player accumulates 3 additional multi penalty games, that player will be suspended for the remainder of the session. ( 8 Multi penalty games total)

---A part time player who recieves 2 or more penalties in a game will be suspended after 3 multi-penality games in a 20 game session. If the Part time player accumulates 2 additional multi penalty games, that player will be suspended for the remainder of the session. ( 5 Multi penalty games total)

---2 fighting majors accumulated in 2 years from the first major will result in indefinte suspension. The suspension is automatically appealed to a hearing before a review board. The player must request a hearing for this appeal to an LAIHA League Officer

---A team may use a non rostered player when there are less than 8 players for a game. The team may use up to 3 non rostered players in that game with approval from the opposing Team Captain or designee.

---No Team may use a non rostered player in a game when they have a minimum of 8 skaters for a game

--- A non rostered player may NOT play in any game where a team has 8 or more skaters for a game without an LAIHA approval. ( The exception may be a guest player or a former player visiting ).







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