What is the LAIHA?

The Lexington Amatuer Ice Hockey League is a non-profit organization that exists to provide ice time to those adults who are interested in joining a team or learning to play ice hockey in Lexington.


How Do the Leagues Work?

There are two leagues, a B league that consist of  3 or 4 teams and the C league which consist of 7 teams. We conduct tryouts for new players the beginning of each session. The B league is for more experienced players who focus on competition and team-oriented play.


The C league is our development league which focuses on learning and having fun.

Visit our league website at www.laiha.com or contact an officer. We usually run two full sessions (10 weeks) with teams, and two sessions of pickup hockey.


Why Play Adult Ice Hockey?

Simply put… it’s Fun! Not only a great way to stay in shape, but also make some new friends! 


Who Plays Hockey In Lexington?

We have Men and Women ranging from the ages of 18-55. The passion to play ice hockey unites everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds. While we have former professionals playing in our B league, we have first-time players learning the basics at 30 years old in our C league.

You must be 18 to play. Minors are permitted to play pickup with parental consent only. No coaches or other adults may give consent.


**Note: minors are not eligible to play pickup between September - March anytime. We honor a non-compete agreement with the Bluegrass Youth Hockey Association.


When Do You Play?

We usually operate from August to May, depending on when the Lexington Ice Center closes for annual maintenance. Our Fall session runs from September to December. Winter session runs from January to March, with playoffs.

Each team plays 20 games in a 10 week period. We do not skate on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Superbowl and Easter.

Pickup games are usually offered from April - May.


What Does It Cost?

Please contact an officer for most current pricing, as rates may have in increased since writing of this article.

Full Time  (20 games) $375

Part Time (10 games) $275

Pickup games $25 per game

*If we have a large turnout for pickup, we will extend the ice time to ensure each players gets plenty of ice time.


What Equipment Do I Need?

We require the following equipment listed below. 


Helmet (Shield / Cage recommended), Shoulder Pads, Hockey Pants, Athletic Cup or Pelvic Supporter, Shin Gaurds, Gloves, Skates, Stick



Lexington Ice Center

560 Eureka Springs Drive, Lexington, KY 40517

Phone: (859) 269-5681

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